College Rovers Rugby Club

Est. May 1899

Durban KwaZulu-Natal South Africa

Club Profile

On 15th May in 1899, as the sun rose over the young city of Durban, businessmen were winding their way to work and coffee shops were alive with patrons - some reading the Natal Advertiser - a new rugby club had been born. ONE OF THE PROVINCE'S BIG FIVE AND THE SECOND OLDEST CLUB IN KWAZULU-NATAL. Since their foundation more than 100 years ago, the College Rovers have made a substantial contribution to KZN and South African rugby. There can be no doubt that College Rovers are now one of the top clubs in South Africa and have a very proud history that will surely see them grow from strength to strength as they travel towards many more milestones that will undoubtedly be etched forever in the history annals of this great game we all hold dear - RUGBY FOOTBALL.